• What are the costs, modes and delivery times?

Our natural products are made as close as possible to African farmers to enjoy all their benefits while they are still fresh. Our products travel a long distance to satisfy you.

To ensure delivery as soon as possible while respecting the proper packaging of the products shipped, we send your order to you through DHL.

DHL delivery prices are the same for goods weighing between 500g and 2kg. This explains why the cost of delivery is the same regardless of the weight of the selected products. 

A 4 working days is required from the order before receiving it in your mailbox.


  • Can I have myself delivered abroad?


Your order can be sent to you abroad.

Just fill in the delivery address and refer to the delivery prices of our partner DHL.


  • What are the payment methods?


You can pay for your order by credit card or PayPal.

At commercial events, cash payments will be exceptionally accepted.


  • Is my payment secure?

After validating your choice, you will be redirected to our partner's payment page for maximum security. No payment information will pass through or be stored on the Carma Beautywebsite. You will also receive a confirmation email.

Carma Beauty  reserves the right to refuse to process an order if it does not provide all the necessary guarantees to ensure a compliant and secure payment and in case of suspected fraud or illegal activity according to French and European laws. Any order involves payment. Appropriate legal action will be taken in the event of a fraudulent payment.

Also in order to provide you with a secure transaction,  Carma Beauty can trigger 3D Secure protocol for authentication purposes. After entering your credit card data, you will be redirected to your bank's online page or application to comply with its authentication protocol.

  • I can't finalize my order, what can I do?

If you are having trouble finalizing your order, please email us at    specifying the products you want to buy and your delivery address.

  • The product I want to order is temporarily unavailable, what to do?

We regularly renew our stocks.

We invite you to email us at:  specifying the products you want to buy and your delivery address.

A quick return will be made to you as soon as the products are available again.


  • Are chili products aggressive for the skin?


Our products are dermatologically tested and designed with the utmost care. You can use them with confidence.

Regarding the chilli range, only the beneficial effects of capsaicin have been preserved. 

The products will not produce any unpleasant sensation such as burns, redness or irritation.

In addition, even if chilli is the flagship ingredient of our range, our products are also made with  "classic" ingredients such as shea butter, cocoa butter,  black soap or sesame oil; this, in order to offer a gourmet parenthesis to your skin.


  • Are the products suitable for all skin types?


Carma Beauty products are designed to meet the basic and common needs of each skin.

For this first range of chilli that we offer, we have focused on the radiance and hydration of the skin.

Whatever the colour and texture of your skin, our chilli range will bring hydration and softness to your skin in order to reveal its radiance.

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